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“Make goals, dream big, live with passion”.
With this thought in mind, Vijay Khuman, along with his friend and IIM batchmate, Nawang Tashi Sherpa, set out on a journey to transform their B-school idea into a company that would provide a high tech "one-stop solution" in the real estate sector. The urge to give a direction to the unorganized realty industry gave way to Gharonda Galleries (GGs), which was started with a seed capital of Rs.1.5 Cores from Uday Shekhwa, the company M.D. In a very short span of time, GGs has successfully adopted a "blue ocean strategy" and built an impeccable reputation as 'Bhopal's Trusted Realty Experts'..
Vijay Khuman had a mission to establish a company that will make real estate investments accessible to the common man. It was his dedication that over a period of time helped in establishing GGs as a pioneer in real estate advisory and marketing. Track record proves that GGs is determined to offer the finest services to its customers, irrespective of the developer with which they are investing and the income strata to which they belong.
With a perfect combination of Vijay Khuman's knowledge and expertise, support from Bhopal CREDAI and a hand-picked network of efficient, reliable and skilled team, GGs has become a phenomenon in Bhopal.


After tie ups with 20 Builders and over 120 Cr worth of units sold in the last 10 months GG’s Pvt. Ltd. is well matched with reputed real estate advisors across Bhopal. GGs offer an outstanding opportunity in realty sector for home buyers & investors alike. Since its inception in 2013, the company has witnessed tremendous growth with an annual inventory turnover of 120 cr which is expected to reach a sales volume of 400 cr by 2015.
Gharonda Galleries also launched its first in-house newspaper- “Gharonda Galleries Real print”. After an early success as realty advisors, GGs has decided to venture out as investor and developer. With this thought in mind, GGs is expanding its human resources, catchment area and entering into sales with the advantage of its huge customer base.

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